Friday, May 20, 2011


I wish I could paint a pretty picture of "PEACE." It would have waterfalls all over, birds singing happily, rain drops falling in the water, big green trees all around,a big beautiful blue sky, a perfect sun shiny day,. Most of all there would be a heart that is quiet, a soul that rests in the knowledge that God is holding me in His Hand, nerves that are still, eyes that see only "HIM." A mind that can bring back to memories all His great promises, how he holds the sea within its bounds, that He can calm the wind and that the sea obeys His will. That He is my maker, My God, My Saviour, My Lord, and my friend. He is all powerful, all knowing, and He makes the world go round. There is not a hair on my head that He is not aware of its being, there is not a hurt that I have suffered that He did not comfort, there is not a pain that my body has felt that He did not give relief. There is no confusion that has enter my mind that He did not help me to see clearly. There has been no evil that has over took me that He did not give me the power to over come!

Now, why would I be afraid of flying? Of heights? of water? of speed, yea, even of snakes?lol The only reason that I can think of is "ME." I am trusting in myself. Now with me that is a different story....

I am afraid of the shadows of the night, of the lightening, of the wind, of falling from a high place, of water getting over my head, of losing one that I love so dearly, of the betrayal of family or friend, getting an illness that could mean death, of great pain, of lots of blood.And then.....

"I REMEMBER that "THOU WILT KEEP HIM IN PERFECT PEACE, WHOSE MIND IS STAYED ON THEE:BECAUSE HE TRUSTETH IN THEE." It is only when I put myself responsible for all the above things that the fear comes, because I know how weak that I am. But when I allow my mind to Consider, think on Him, My fears are calmed, I can rest!

My hope and my confidence is the God Almighty!! I am told by the inspiration of God in the scripture written in 2Timothy: "FOR GOD HATH NOT GIVEN US THE SPIRIT OF FEAR; BUT OF POWER, AND OF LOVE, AND OF A SOUND MIND." Therefore, when I take it upon myself to fear, then I am putting a burden on myself that I was not meant to have. It is not of God. And in the trusting of this fact, I have power to overcome the fear. If I find myself not loving as I ought, then I know that God did not give me those feeling. It is Satan trying to keep me from being what I was meant to be, One who loves like Christ loved and loves. He gave all!! When I find confusion has taken control of my mind, and my actions then I can know, this is not how God wanted it to be. It is Satan, who would have us to fill our minds with all kinds of things that makes us fearful, unhappy, untrusting, uncaring, unloving, any thing that would take our minds off the "ONE" who made us, and what we have through Him. The Lord God our Heavenly Father!

It is so amazing to me that when I read and trust in the promises of God in His Holy Word, how joyful my heart becomes. I can rest in Him!! connie

Wednesday, May 18, 2011



While praying one day a little girl asked,
“Who are you, Lord?”
He answered, “I Am”
But, Who is I Am?” she said.

And He replied…”I Am Love, I Am Peace,
I Am Grace, I Am Joy,
I Am the Way, Truth, and the Light
I Am the Comforter,

I Am Strength, I Am Safety
I Am Shelter, I Am Power
I Am the Creator;
I Am the Beginning and the End
I Am the Most High.”

The girl with tears in her eyes looked
Toward heaven and said,
Now I understand, but Lord, Who Am I ?”
Then God tenderly wiped the tears
From her eyes and whispered,
“YOU ARE MINE” Author unknown

As I prayed today for the Lord to take the fear of flying from me and the tears ran down my cheeks, I realized that really all I had to do was to totally surrender myself to the Lord. All of me, even that fear that I so dread. I felt peace come over my heart and yet I know that my flesh will not be satisfied that I have found peace in my heart. It will work against me until that day,the day Jim and I walk down that long ramp and enter into the plane that will be taking us to Seattle Washington. I know that it will be a battle for me each day and every day, I will have to surrender my will, to His will, over and over again. For I know that He is the "I AM." I know that He will give me comfort as I need it. As I keep my mind on Him, I will have His peace, His strength,His shelter and His power to keep me still.

I am so glad that He says to me, that "I" am His and I have nothing to worry about. It is He who made the air that holds the airplane in the air. It is He Who has given me life, and it is, in His hands. When I take my last breath and how I take it, is up to Him. If it is time for me to go and live with Him in Heaven then it will not matter where I am at the time.

So, as He speaks sweet peace to my heart, may I continue always, to remember He is the "I AM."connie

Monday, May 16, 2011



Today, I am beginning a journey. This journey will take me from being terrified of flying in an air plane to being in a plane taking off and getting to my destination without knocking a hole in the plane and jumping out. I am terrified of flying!! BUT I WILL FLY, with God's help and your prayers for me!!

My husband and I will have our 50th wedding anniversary next March 18,2013. Jim has always wanted to go on a cruise to Alaska. It has always been out of the question because he would not leave me and go alone and I get sick just thinking about flying. Flying in an airplane high above the world over oceans and I can't even swim. For me to even think of doing such a thing would start my heart to beating faster than fast, my palms get sweaty, I start shaking, No, I want think about it. I can see a thousand way that we will crash! If humans,Of which I am most certainly one, were meant to fly, then God would have given us wings! I have always believed this with my whole heart.

But through the years, I have seen the yearning in my husband's eyes grow, when others would talk about taking this cruise. Oh, it not the cruise that is the problem, well, not all the problem. The problem is getting on the airplane to begin. I really thought it would never be possible for me to even contemplate such a foolish adventure. But lately my mind has taken a turn to a place, I would not have thought possible or expected. Maybe with lots of prayers and determination, I would be able to do this for my dear Jim. I don't even care about having a good time, I just, this once want him to do what he has wanted to do for so long. I want with all my heart for him to have his Alaskan cruise.

So, tonight, I made up my mind, that if I can get all of you to pray for me and most of all, if God will give me the courage and grace to do this thing.....then I will do my best even more than my best.So, I am asking you all to pray for me from this moment on til we leave on Jim's Alaskan Cruise. And please God, help me to do this for the one you gave me.The one who has made so many sacrifices for me in his 49 years of being my husband.Please God, help me.connie